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  1. Wireless Drops
    [Answer ID: 14157]
    Set a specific channel for wireless instead of using Auto channel. The Auto channel will change the wireless channel automatically to avoid interference. Occasionally, if the interference is equal on all channels, it will cycle through them constantly....
  2. Access Point
    [Answer ID: 14112]
    I.  Change the small switch at the bottom from AUTO to BRIDGE.After setting the switch to BRIDGE, it will change its default LAN IP address to and turn off NAT routing and DHCP....
  3. How to test the WAN port on Buffalo routers
    [Answer ID: 14195]
    Verify that the computer can get on-line, by removing the router from the equation. Put the router into Bridge mode. Have only one computer plugged into the router, then Verify that the computer can get on-line....
  4. How do I stop a multiple SSID?
    [Answer ID: 14069]
    This happens because of the function you can set different security level to different SSID.You can connect the devices which support different security level to one router at the same time....
  5. Forgotten password / Reset for Wireless devices
    [Answer ID: 14125]
    The only solution is to set the unit back to default settings. Afterwards all settings you made are lost and the password is the default one.Wireless Routers / Access points and Ethernet converters -...
  6. Is there any problem if the AirStation gets powered down due to power failure?
    [Answer ID: 12176]
    Power failure does not affect wireless LAN hosts, but it is recommended to unplug the AC cable/adapter from the outlet before the power failure.Some setup will be needed in the following cases:...
  7. How can I reset the settings on a wireless main unit with the reset button?
    [Answer ID: 12184]
    To reset the units settings to factory default, push the reset button.All settings, including SSID and encryption key will be initialized to their defaults.The button location varies depending on the product....
  8. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows 7)
    [Answer ID: 12210]
    Check if UPnP feature is working with the following procedure. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [View network status and tasks]. Click [View full map]. Right-click [Gateway], then select [Properties]....
  9. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows Vista)
    [Answer ID: 12211]
    Check if  UPnP feature is working with the following procedure. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [View Network status and tasks]. Click [View Full map]. Right-click [Gateway], then select [Properties]....
  10. How do I check Windows Firewall? (Windows XP)
    [Answer ID: 12213]
    In case that UPnP software does not work properly, check the configuration of "Windows Firewall" with the following procedure. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [Network and Internet Connections] - [Network Connections]....
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