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  1. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows XP)
    [Answer ID: 12218]
    Check if UPnP feature is working with the following procedure. Double-click [My Network] on the desktop. Confirm that "Your Router's name" icon has been created, then click [View Network Connections] under "Network Task"....
  2. About factory default IP addresses (Wireless AP)
    [Answer ID: 12178]
    Factory default IP addresses are different depending on the product.They are also different depending on the version of the firmware for some products.Refer to the chart below for the details....
  3. How can I enable the wireless function of a computer with a built-in wireless LAN adapter?
    [Answer ID: 12212]
    The method varies depending on the product.For more details, please see the product manual or contact the support desk.In general, there are two methods for enabling the wireless function as below....
  4. How can I connect a wireless network in AOSS (AirStation One-touch Secure System) with Client Manager 3?
    [Answer ID: 12580]
    AOSS is a system which enables you to automatically configure wireless LAN settings. Just pressing the button will connect wireless devices and complete security settings. Here is the procedure for how to connect a wireless network in AOSS with Client Manager 3 attached with the product....
  5. How can I find out the SSID and encryption key of the AirStation?
    [Answer ID: 14246]
    To find out the SSID and Encryption key Refer to label on the side of the unit.The initial (factory reset) values of SSID and Encryption key are printed on the label.For example, the label on WZR-HP-AG300H is shown bellow:...
  6. How to : MAC OS client can write to hard disk (NAS) device mounted on router with professional Firmware.
    [Answer ID: 14455]
    To have write access from MAC, re-check file sharing settings. In System Preferences , click "Sharing"  and turn on "Windows Sharing" for 10.4 or in 10.5 “Share files and folders using SMB.”...
  7. How to : Setup a wired bridge between two Buffalo routers using Professional Firmware ?
    [Answer ID: 14460]
     The simplest way to setup a wired bridge connection between a  Primary router that is connected to Internet and a secondary router is to configure the secondary router as a "Bridge" ....
  8. How to : Change wireless Channel on User-Friendly Firmware.
    [Answer ID: 14479]
     1-Connect PC to router and Open WEB UI in browser : Go to "Wireless Config" | Basic Tab     Select channel from "Wireless Channel"  drop down menu. Alternatively, 1- From Easy Setup select "Wireless SSID..." or "Basic Wireless setup" ...
  9. How to : Access management WEB UI of WLI-H4-D1300 .
    [Answer ID: 14484]
    How to : Access management WEB UI of  WLI-H4-D1300  . WLI-H4-D1300 AirStation is an AC1300 / N450 4-Port Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Ethernet Bridge.  Default IP address is User Name : admin...
  10. How to: Limit Wireless connection to a list of specific clients (user Friendly Firmware)..
    [Answer ID: 14603]
     To enhance security against unwanted network visitors, wireless connection to the wireless router can be limited to specific client MAC address.To reject unwanted visitors or clients, enable MAC filter function....
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