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  1. LinkStation GUI sees "device" when DriveStation is attached, but not in format menu.
    [Answer ID: 14286]
    Linkstation GUI sees "Buffalo storage device" when DriveStation is attached, but in format menu, the only one listed is the internal disk.This is caused by Auto/manual switch on DriveStation, LinkStation Firmware....
  2. Backup program cannot save files to the DriveStation.
    [Answer ID: 14293]
    If Backup program cannot save files to the DriveStation, it needs to be reformatted.You will need to reformat the DriveStation with NTFS, Mac OS Extended, or XFS.* Note: FAT32 is limited to 4GB filesizes....
  3. MAC machine Unable to See DriveStation
    [Answer ID: 14322]
    it needs to switch to 'auto' mode.Power down Mac and DriveStation.Plug DriveStation into Mac while Mac is powered off.Toggle switch on back of DriveStation from 'manual' to 'auto'.Power on DriveStation....
  4. DriveStation TurboUSB CD: Software for Windows or Mac Missing
    [Answer ID: 14363]
    Users can download the software from the following links on the Buffalo website:http://www.buffalotech.com/select-your-region
  5. USB Hard Drive is not detected on NAS
    [Answer ID: 14110]
    The Buffalo NAS is only able to read NTFS. If users need to write to the USB drive(s), they will have to be formatted by the Buffalo NAS.If users are going to format the drives, it is highly recommended to first copy all the data on to the Buffalo device or any other destination, then format the USB drives on the Buffalo NAS (ext3 or XFS are recommend) , then copy the data back to the USB drive....
  6. Auto switch on the back of DriveStation
    [Answer ID: 14199]
    The switch is for the 2 different power modes.Auto works with the Power save utility to automatically or manually shut the unit on or off from the computer.Manual requires the unit's power to be controlled manually....
  7. DriveStation Not Recognized After Standby
    [Answer ID: 14242]
    Users will need to disable power management on USB ports for this issue.Click [Start] > [Run].Type devmgmt.msc in the Open box, and then click [OK].Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers node, and then follow these steps for each USB Root Hub that is listed:...
  8. Disk Access LED is Blinking Red on DriveStation (no RAID device)
    [Answer ID: 14369]
    Drive is approaching full capacityThe Disk Access LED blinking Red (instead of Green) indicates that the drive is approaching full capacity.A solid red LED indicates that the drive is not being recognized correctly...
  9. What is the difference in file systems?
    [Answer ID: 11826]
    File SystemFeaturesRecommended toNTFSPossible to save files equal to or larger than 4GB.The maximum size for one partition is about 16EB (The maximum recommended size is 2TB.)Users who like to save large data of more than 4GB per one file....
  10. I can not correctly copy/write data to a hard drive.
    [Answer ID: 11831]
    There are following possible causes.Cause 1:The hard disk is full.Countermeasure 1:Ensure free space for the hard drive.Data cannot be saved when free space is less than the data to save....
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