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  1. The specification of format types for hard disk
    [Answer ID: 11825]
    ■Supported OS for the format types NTFS typeFAT32 typeMac OS extended typeWindows 7/Vista/XP/2000Read/WriteRead/Write *1XWindows Me/98SE/98XRead/Write *1XMac OS X 10.5 or laterRead-only...
  2. The computer does not boot when the hard drive is connected with it.
    [Answer ID: 11834]
    There are some possible causes for this symptom.Please refer to the following points. Cause 1:The problem is caused by the BIOS settings of the computer.Countermeasure 1:Change the BIOS settings on the computer....
  3. I cannot format the hard drive by NTFS using DriveNavigator.
    [Answer ID: 11830]
    There are some possible causes for the symptom.Please refer to the following points.1) If a message indicating that there is no hard drive which can be formatted is displayed:Cause:Data are saved in the hard drive....
  4. Do the Drivestations have client support for Windows Server OS?
    [Answer ID: 14182]
    For specific supported Operating Systems, check the product page or the box exterior which will show only supported OS's.
  5. Which format type is used to format the hard drive at factory shipment?
    [Answer ID: 11885]
    It is formatted by NTFS at the factory shipment.
  6. DriveStation: Initializing disk
    [Answer ID: 14203]
    To initialize new disks:Open Computer Management (Local).In the console tree, click Computer Management (Local), click Storage, and then click Disk Management.Right-click the disk to be initialized, and then click Initialize Disk....
  7. How can I back up data using Backup Utility?
    [Answer ID: 11858]
    Right-Click the icon () in the system tray, and select [Settings].Click [Next].Enter a name for the backup, and click [Next].* The default name for the backup will be displayed as “Backup of (name of your computer).”...
  8. Reformatting a DriveStation for Apple OS
    [Answer ID: 14202]
    Run Disk Utility.Go to folder Applications->Utilities.Plug in the DriveStation. It should appear in the window pane, to the left of the main window.An icon for the disk itself should be visible, as well as icons for each of the volumes stored on that disk below....
  9. How can I restore data backed up using “Backup Utility” after recovering the OS?
    [Answer ID: 12258]
    You do not have access authority if the OS was recovered, or the data was backed up in another computer.In that case, “Unlock” the data to access it.Right-click on the () icon in the task tray, and select [Run Restore Tool]....
  10. How to backup data in the PC by using Backup Utility.
    [Answer ID: 6104]
    Right-click on the () icon in the systray and select [Settings]. After installation, the screen shown in Step 2 is displayed. Go to Step 2. Click [Next]. Enter a name for the backup, or just leave the default name in the window....
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