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  1. DriveStation TurboUSB with Power Saving Mode HD-CEU2
    [Answer ID: 14325]
    The Power Saving Utility constantly monitors data access to the hard disk drive and automatically reduces power consumption when the unit is idle.To use the latest Power Saving Utility, download the latest eco Manager....
  2. I cannot install NAS Navigator2 properly in macOS Sierra.
    [Answer ID: 16069]
    A bug was fixed where NAS Navigator2 could not be installed on macOS 10.12.Please download the latest version of NAS Navigator2.
  3. DriveStation DUO Error: 'Error has occurred, no device detected'
    [Answer ID: 14360]
    To resolve this error message, users will need to:Delete all partitions off the Hard Drives, [Start] > [Run] > diskmgmt.mscDisable the hard drive under Device Management, [Start] > [Run] > devmgmt.msc...
  4. My computer doesn't recognize the hard drive.(HD-GDU3 series)
    [Answer ID: 15316]
    If your computer sometimes recognizes the hard drive, click here and update the firmware.If your computer doesn't recognize the hard drive at all, please contact our technical support for more information or ask replacement....
  5. HD-HB U2 on a Mac OS X update 10.5.7
    [Answer ID: 14117]
    Since the latest Mac OS X update 10.5.7 the Drivestation HD-HB U2 series won't be recognized anymore by the Mac.There is no solution currently available.
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