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  1. Cannot Configure RAID Setting on DriveStation Quattro
    [Answer ID: 14370]
    Users will need to use the USB connection to configure the RAID setting instead of firewire.eSATA is limited to data only, no signaling.
  2. 4TB unit not shown up on Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 14375]
    There is a known limitation in the Windows 32bit Operating Systems which can't handle drives larger than 2 Terabytes (GPT volume).This results in volumes larger than 2TB not being visible on the disk management screen....
  3. DriveStation Quattro LED and Audible Codes
    [Answer ID: 14127]
    DriveStation Quattro LED and Audible CodesLEDSoundMeaningN/A3 short Beeps, with a 1 second pauseThe fan is not runningN/AContinuous short beepsThe unit is overheating, but the fan is running...
  4. DriveStation SATA will not shutdown when computer shuts down.
    [Answer ID: 14148]
    DriveStation SATA will not shutdown when computer shuts down and is not recognized when the computer restarts.Make sure the auto/manual switch is toggled to the auto position.
  5. The eSATA card does not work with Windows Server 2003
    [Answer ID: 14227]
    This is caused by incompatibility between Windows Server 2003 and eSATA Card Driver.Install the eSATA Card in the PC.Put the eSATA Card CD in the CD/DVD drive.Click on [Star] > [Administrator Tools] > [Computer Manager] > [Device Manager]....
  6. DriveStation Quattro: RAID utility cannot find the device
    [Answer ID: 14228]
    If users receive this error, it is being caused by their eSATA connection.The RAID utility will only work when connected via USB.This is because there is no driver interface for communications over eSATA....
  7. DriveStation TurboUSB with Power Saving Mode HD-CEU2
    [Answer ID: 14325]
    The Power Saving Utility constantly monitors data access to the hard disk drive and automatically reduces power consumption when the unit is idle.To use the latest Power Saving Utility, download the latest eco Manager....
  8. I cannot install NAS Navigator2 properly in macOS Sierra.
    [Answer ID: 16069]
    A bug was fixed where NAS Navigator2 could not be installed on macOS 10.12.Please download the latest version of NAS Navigator2.
  9. Remaining Capacity LEDs doesn't work properly.
    [Answer ID: 12262]
    You need to install "LED Control Program" into your computer. (* "LED Control Program" is supported only by Windows.)Insert the Utility CD into your computer.- DriveNavigator will launch automatically....
  10. DriveStation DUO Error: 'Error has occurred, no device detected'
    [Answer ID: 14360]
    To resolve this error message, users will need to:Delete all partitions off the Hard Drives, [Start] > [Run] > diskmgmt.mscDisable the hard drive under Device Management, [Start] > [Run] > devmgmt.msc...
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