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  1. What is the full path to FTP directory in the LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14674]
    The default path at login to FTP console starts at root directory. The path to target FTP directory is: LinkStation: /disk_volume/shared_folder_name/TeraStation: /mnt/disk_volume/shared_folder_name...
  2. How to: Connect a TeraStation or LinkStation directly to a PC
    [Answer ID: 14140]
    1.Connect the Ethernet cable from PC LAN port to the NAS device. 2.For a PC, double-click the icon. For Mac OS, click the icon in the Dock.NAS Navigator2 will start. 3.Click [Refresh]....
  3. Compatibility Information with OS X 10.7
    [Answer ID: 13591]
    OS X 10.7 Lion Compatibility list has the supported products information.The products not on the list have not been validated, yet. See OS X v10.7 Lion compatibility list
  4. What multimedia file formats are supported by DLNA Media Server on Buffalo router and NAS products?
    [Answer ID: 14625]
    A supported feature in User-Friendly Firmware for Buffalo router is a standard compliant Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) embedded media server. By connecting a storage device to Buffalo router USB port, the stored content on the device can be made available to wired and wireless networked mobile digital media players on LAN network....
  5. How to: Activate License for Additional Surveillance Camera on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14683]
    TeraStation is shipped with a free license to support surveillance feature for a single camera. To add support for more cameras, additional license is required. How to Setup Surveillance Camera...
  6. How to: Setup Surveillance Camera Recording on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14682]
    TeraStation can be setup to record Video/media stream from any Network Camera that has built-in support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).Like HTTP, the RTSP protocol is TCP connection base and when TeraStation Surveillance feature is enabled, TeraStation will connect to camera through the RTSP/transport layer (default port is 554) to save the video stream from RTSP enabled network camera....
  7. Are read and write permissions given to the users and groups if no access restriction is set?
    [Answer ID: 14547]
    If no access restriction is set to the shared folders, read and write access allowed to all users and groups.
  8. List of Interoperable Products with NAS Backup Function
    [Answer ID: 14649]
    NAS Backup is not compatible with some of the older NAS product .Please refer to list of  Interoperable products . TeraStationLinkStation TS4400D* TS3400R* TS3400D TS5200D TS5400D TS5600D...
  9. How can I automatically upload pictures and videos on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the LinkStation or TeraStation with WebAccess i?
    [Answer ID: 14967]
    Enabling automatic uploading will upload pictures and videos to your LinkStation or TeraStation automatically whenever your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to your Wi-Fi network (*)....
  10. I cannot copy a file to the folder restricted by the OS after installing TurboPCEX.
    [Answer ID: 15213]
    Drag a file or a folder by right-clicking and choose "Copy here" or "Move here".You can now copy and move a file or a folder.
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