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  1. What does system log show?
    [Answer ID: 12064]
    The meaning of system log is as below:Output formatOperation date/time, Name of the TeraStation, terastation[***]:, System statusAn output exampleJan 5 15:27:13 TS-TGL136 terastation[467]: Started kernelmon...
  2. I cannot access to the TeraStation; the message, "the network path was not found" appears.
    [Answer ID: 12266]
    Cause 1: The TeraStation may not be connected to the network.Solution 1: Do not connect the PC to the network immediately right after starting the PC, wait for a while to connect it....
  3. What is a file operation log?
    [Answer ID: 5677]
    The file will be saved for SMB/FTP file transfer operation. SMBOut put format“Date” “TerStation name” “file_smb[****]:[User name (IP address)]” “file name”ExampleDec 22 15:34:39 TS-TGL136...
  4. I do not know/forget my Login ID and Password for TeraStation.
    [Answer ID: 13593]
    Use the login ID and password that are configured to product.【Initial value at the default】User name: "admin"Password: "password"If a password is changed from the default setting, initialize the product to restore the default setting. You can log in with the default user name and a password again. View the following to confirm how to initialize....
  5. How do I resolve an error in the backup log?
    [Answer ID: 9829]
    How to read the Backup log-------- BEGIN BACKUP 2010/12/16 18:05:44*1 array1/share*2 -> TS-XHL123@usbdisk1*3 --------building file list ...174*4 files to considercreated directory /mnt/usbdisk1/_backups...
  6. How to Format a connected USB hard drive(TS5000,TS-2RZ series)
    [Answer ID: 15399]
    Note:Under some circumstances, data deleted when a drive is formatted can be recovered. To ensure that data is “gone forever”, a format might not be sufficient. See “Erase Data on the TeraStation Completely”....
  7. Which of LAN1 and LAN2 is used for the replication task?
    [Answer ID: 15490]
    - If the firmware version of the TeraStation is 2.50 or earlier, LAN port below is used for replication, depending on the way of connection. The main TeraStation and the backup TeraStation are connected with LAN1 only.: LAN1 is used for replication....
  8. I can not access TeraStation via the internet (buffalonas.com).
    [Answer ID: 5657]
    There are 3 possible causes why you can’t access the TeraStation via the internet. There are more than 2 devices with router functions between the modem and the TeraStation, so the TeraStation may be unable to configure UPnP with the router nearest the modem....
  9. Can I connect TeraStation to the PC by using a USB cable?
    [Answer ID: 9774]
    The TeraStation and the PC cannot connect by USB cable to use.Use a LAN cable when you directly connect to the TeraStation and the PC.
  10. The files copied in Machintosh are not displayed on Windows.
    [Answer ID: 9785]
    If the following characters are included in a file name of a file copied in Macintosh, it may happen that those characters are not shown or cannot be used in Macintosh connected to Windows or SMB....
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