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  1. LinkStation - USB Hard Drive Not Detected
    [Answer ID: 14108]
    Formatted drives are detected automatically. Unformatted drives should be formatted in Settings (EXT3 or XFS are recommend). Once connected they appear as shared folders on the LinkStation....
  2. Can I connect the LinkStation to the computer via USB?
    [Answer ID: 10332]
    No, the LinkStation requires an Ethernet connection with your computer for operation.It cannot be connected via USB.
  3. I cannot install NAS Navigator2 properly in macOS Sierra.
    [Answer ID: 16069]
    A bug was fixed where NAS Navigator2 could not be installed on macOS 10.12.Please download the latest version of NAS Navigator2.
  4. How to: Setup secure page with simple login using PHP and MySQL hosted on LinkStation WEB Server.
    [Answer ID: 14752]
    For Information on how to enable WEB hosting on TeraStation see this link.  The following instructions is provided as an example on how to implement a PHP/MySQL authentication/login....
  5. How do I set a fixed (static) IP address for the LinkStation?
    [Answer ID: 14646]
    Normally, the LinkStation's IP address is set automatically from a DHCP server on your network. If you prefer, you can set it manually. To change the LinkStation's IP address settings, your computer should be connected to the same router (subnet) as the LinkStation and should be running NAS Navigator2....
  6. Apple 2 gig file limit / 32 character limitation on LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14133]
    The limitation is not due to the format of the Linkstation (EXT3).There is a limitation with the Appletalk protocol on the Linkstation that files can be no larger than 2 GB with a maximum file/foldername length of 32 characters....
  7. How to set up a LinkStation using Mac OS X
    [Answer ID: 14167]
    To configure the NAS device from an Apple OS:Boot the NAS device while it is connected to the routerAccess the settings of the router and look at the DHCP client list.This will show the IP address the NAS device received or use the Buffalo NAS Navigator 2, which will show the IP address, the hostname, the firmware version on more info about your Buffalo NAS device....
  8. No LinkStation is found in the network
    [Answer ID: 13648]
    Your computer is not connected to the same network with your LinkStation.Since NAS Navigator2 is not able to find the LinkStation, the LinkStation is on the different network from the computer....
  9. How to Reset the Password for the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14913]
    To reset the password for the LinkStation, initialize the LinkStation to its factory default with the function button.Note:For LS-XL, initialize the LinkStation from Settings. LS400...
  10. When changing the IP addess from NAS Navigator2 or SmartPhone Navigator, the DNS server address is initialized.
    [Answer ID: 15781]
    If a fixed IP address and the DNS server address are set, the DNS server address will be initialized when changing the IP addess from NAS Navigator2 or SmartPhone Navigator. Open the interface and set the DNS server address again....
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