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  1. Can access restriction be applied to USB Hard Disk attached to LinkStation?
    [Answer ID: 14659]
    Yes, once the USB disk is connected, the disk volume will be accessable as a shared folder (for example as usbdisk1 folder).You can set access restriction to USB disk as you would for any other shared folder....
  2. Why the Power management feature does not automatically suspend LinkStation when PC is shutdown?
    [Answer ID: 14661]
    The Automatic Power management feature suspends the LinkStation when all LAN client PCs which have NAS Navigator2 installed are shutdown. This feature works when the device power switch is in Auto mode and client PC has NAS Navigator installed....
  3. How to: Enable and set jumbo frame (Ethernet frame) size for LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14686]
    Enabling jumbo frames support will greatly improve read/write operation to NAS device on the LAN network.However, jumbo frame setting may not be supported by some routers and host PCs. Internet access may not be possible due to MTU setting variation and limitation of intermediate routers....
  4. How To: Setup Web Server (php and MySQL) on the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14727]
    LinkStation can be setup as a web server to publish web contents.The Web hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support.Follow this procedure to enable Web server and MySQL feature on the LinkStation....
  5. How To: Host a web site (with php and MySQL support) on LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14728]
    LinkStation can be setup as a web server to publish web contents.The Web hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support.The following is the procedure on how to enable Web server and MySQL feature on LinkStation....
  6. I forgot my user name and password. Now I can not log in the web admin interface.
    [Answer ID: 13594]
    Check the followings.Try to log in the web admin interface with the default user name and password.User name: adminPassword: passwordIf you can not log in, initialize the network configuration with a function button on the product. And then try to log in with the above user name and password....
  7. Does Quota feature apply for Users/Groups adding on ActiveDirectory? (LinkStation)
    [Answer ID: 13941]
    No. The Quota feature is not applicable for the Users / Groups which get from ActiveDirectory.And also, the Quota feature configured on ActiveDirectory cannot take over to our LinkStation....
  8. When connecting via SMB, I can not access the shared folders with access restriction by the Delegate Authority server feature. (OS X v10.7 Lion)
    [Answer ID: 13540]
    This is the restriction of LinkStation or TeraStation. (As of August 2011)What is the Delegate Authority server feature?This is the feature to configure the access restriction by using Delegate Authority of the authentication to an external SMB server....
  9. How can I access the product from outside through WebAccess?
    [Answer ID: 10576]
    How to set the WebAccess.Go to the product settings, and enable the WebAccess.Click here for the setting details.Access "buffalonas.com" on internet.http://buffalonas.comYou will see the login box to the "buffalonas.com"...
  10. Changing the LinkStation's Language
    [Answer ID: 14274]
    Follow this procedure to change the LinkStation's language. 1.For a PC, double-click the icon on the desktop. For Mac OS, click the icon in the Dock.NAS Navigator2 will start. 2.For a PC, right-click on the icon, then select [Settings]. For Mac OS, select the icon while holding down the control key, then select [Settings]....
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