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  1. Not Prompted for FTP Password
    [Answer ID: 14345]
    This may happen on Internet Explorer. Try following procedure. •Try connecting to the device by going to "ftp://User:Pass@NAS", replacing "User" with the username, "Pass" with the password, and "NAS" with the name or IP address of the LinkStation or TeraStation....
  2. Movie: How to join a Buffalo LinkStation to a Windows AD server
    [Answer ID: 14399]
  3. LinkStation Defragmentation
    [Answer ID: 14271]
    The LinkStation both use the XFS file system, which uses online defragmentation to keep the drive constantly fragment free.It also features allocate-on-flush, which batches clusters together for slowly growing files to help prevent fragmentation....
  4. What features are included in the LinkStation?
    [Answer ID: 14060]
    Different LinkStation models include different features. The table below shows the features included in each model.O: Available, -: Not AvailableLS-WVL,LS-QVLLS-WXLLS-WSXLLS-VLLS-XL...
  5. Setting up FTP on LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14168]
    To Setup FTP on an Linkstation, setup a shared folder with the following settings on the webinterface:Navigate to 'Shared Folders' and select your shared folder.Shared Folder Support: will need to have FTP check....
  6. An Error May Occur When You Back up the LinkStation or TeraStation in Express Wizard Screen of NovaBACKUP with Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 15196]
    To back up your LinkStation and TeraStation with NovaBACKUP from Windows XP, select "Backup" on the top of the main menu.
  7. Terastation IP address Unknown
    [Answer ID: 14124]
    From our download page, select your TeraStation/LinkStation from the product drop down menu, select download.Look for the Client Utility under Utilities, download the file to users desktop and use a zip utility unzip the file....
  8. Active Directory and Daylight Savings Time
    [Answer ID: 14366]
    Time Zones in Windows are automatically adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.One of the most common issues when joining a Terastation or Linkstation Pro to Active Directory is proper time configuration....
  9. Setting up LinkStation Remote Backup
    [Answer ID: 14118]
    This is procedure to set up Remote Backup on LinkStation. 1.To set up remote backup using the internal backup, go to the Settings for both LinkStations. 2.Under Disk backup - Add LinkStation, enter the IP address of the opposite LinkStation. The destination LinkStation needs to have a shared folder created with Disk Backup as one of the supported protocols....
  10. LinkStation Hard Drive Error
    [Answer ID: 14121]
    If a hard drive in the LinkStation fails, execute disk scan or re-format. The LED illuminating 6 blinks every 4 seconds indicate a hard disk error. If the data on the drive is accessible, users may need to run a disk scan from the Web Admin interface under 'Maintenance'....
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