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  1. Setting up Network Time Protocol (NTP) for a LinkStation Pro and Live
    [Answer ID: 14243]
    Follow this procedure to setup NTP. 1.Go to "Basic" menu on unit. 2.In the Middle of the page are the NTP settings. 3.Set "NTP Server" to enable, then enter a time server for "NTP Server Address"....
  2. How do I set iTunes Server function?
    [Answer ID: 13999]
    Computers on the network running iTunes can access MP3, M4A, and M4P music files from the LinkStation's media server.Enable the LinkStation's media server as described below.In the Web Admin interface, navigate to [Extensions]-[MediaServer]-[iTunes Server] and click [Modify Settings]....
  3. LinkStation - Can I replace a hard drive with higher capacity of drive?
    [Answer ID: 14973]
    Yes, if a hard drive in the LinkStation malfunctions, replace it with a Buffalo Technology OP-HD series, available from www.buffalotech.com. When you have RAID arrays in the LinkStation, all hard drives in the RAID should be changed to the same capacity....
  4. LinkStation Pro - Joining an Active Directory domain
    [Answer ID: 14280]
    1.Run the active directory firmware update and reset the unit to default settings following the update. 2.A computer account needs to be setup on the Domain with the name of the TeraStation Pro / LinkStation Pro and set to pre-Win2000 machine....
  5. LinkStation constantly making noise, as though it is being written to
    [Answer ID: 14236]
    This issue happens due to Media Server settings. Log in the LinkStation's Web Admin interface, then disable the media server option. This tends to access the drive almost constantly and relies on broadcasts....
  6. What should I do when I don't see "Rebuild RAID array" in Settings to rebuild the RAID array?
    [Answer ID: 14970]
    Formatting a new hard drive will automatically mount it as a single unit and it can not be mounted or rebuild as a RAID drive. To fix this, follow the steps below. 1.In LinkStation’s settings, navigate to [System] – [Storage], select the new drive, and click [Remove Disk] to dismount it....
  7. Forgotten password / Reset for TeraStation / LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14115]
    TeraStation - HD-H or HS-D - No DoorLook for the Init button on back of device.Press and hold for 10 seconds. The Diag led will start flashing. All settings have been changed to default....
  8. Cannot log in using a username on a restricted share by Windows Vista
    [Answer ID: 14189]
    Try connecting to "IPAddress" instead of "NASName". Also, try using "WorkgroupNameUserName", "NASNameUserName", or "NASIPAddressUserName".
  9. Movie: How to configure BitTorrent with your Linkstation
    [Answer ID: 15036]
  10. I cannot copy a file to the folder restricted by the OS after installing TurboPCEX.
    [Answer ID: 15213]
    Drag a file or a folder by right-clicking and choose "Copy here" or "Move here".You can now copy and move a file or a folder.
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