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  1. LinkStation Live and DHCP server problem
    [Answer ID: 14296]
    There was a misprint in the LinkStation Live instruction manual regarding DHCP servers.The manual is incorrect and the unit will default to 169.254.xx.xxx if you do not have a DHCP server....
  2. Client Manager won't Function Properly
    [Answer ID: 14298]
    The Wireless Zero Configuration Service in Windows XP conflicts with Client Manager.If using Windows XP, make sure that the Wireless Zero Configuration Service is disabled. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [Administrative Tools] - [Services]....
  3. What should I do if I already have a version of Client Manager on my PC?
    [Answer ID: 14299]
    Update the Client Manager to the version on the CD.If you do not update the Client Manager, there could be a loss of functionally, as some older versions of Client Manager will not work properly with the G300N Wireless Notebook Adapter....
  4. Why all my network clients doesn't work
    [Answer ID: 14317]
    All your network clients won't work due to different operating systems.Some operating systems support only a limited number of network clients.Windows 98/ME operating systems support only four network clients....
  5. Cannot Transfer Files Larger Than 2GB or 4GB on the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14321]
    This is caused by the protocol used to mount the shares. •On the Mac OS, this means it has been mounted as an Appletalk share.The limitation for Appletalk cannot be changed. However, OS X can mount it as a SMB (Windows) share and it wont have this restriction....
  6. LED Flash Code Explanation and Solutions
    [Answer ID: 14328]
    If the LinkStation encounters an error, it will be reported in the LinkStation status on the top of any of the Web-Based configuration screens. •Blinks red - Flash memory write in progress....
  7. How to Uninstall Wireless Drivers
    [Answer ID: 14329]
    Insert the AirNavigator CD int PC and navigate to the following folder on the CD: BinMDRIVER Run the DEVREMOVE.exe program. This will completely remove the drivers.
  8. TeraStation LED codes / Error codes
    [Answer ID: 14330]
    The DIAG codes listed below are for the original TeraStation products:1 blink every second RAID Array Configuration is running 1 blink every 4 seconds RAID Error ...
  9. Windows Vista: Can't Connect to NAS by Name, but IP Address Works
    [Answer ID: 14338]
    Client for Microsoft Networks is installed but is not configured by default. 1.Go to [Control Panel] - [Network and Internet] - [Network Connections]. 2.Right-click on the adapter, then choose "Properties"....
  10. Not Prompted for FTP Password
    [Answer ID: 14345]
    This may happen on Internet Explorer. Try following procedure. •Try connecting to the device by going to "ftp://User:Pass@NAS", replacing "User" with the username, "Pass" with the password, and "NAS" with the name or IP address of the LinkStation or TeraStation....
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