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  1. What do the error/information codes indicate? (LS-WVL, LS-WXL series)
    [Answer ID: 12765]
    Status LED There are 5 LEDs on the LinkStation: "Power", "Function", "Info/Error", "Link/Act"and "AC adaptor". Power LED StatusDescriptionsGlowing BlueThe LinkStation is powered on....
  2. What do the error/information codes indicate? (LS-VL,LS-XHL,LS-CHL)
    [Answer ID: 12767]
    Blue LEDWhen LinkStation is turned ON, the Power LED glows blue. When LinkStation is turned OFF, it goes out. Blinking Orange/Amber LED (information code)When the power LES flashes orange on the front of LinkStation, information codes are available. The way it flashed indicated the message....
  3. What do the error codes/information codes indicate? (LS-QVL series)
    [Answer ID: 12769]
     Diagram and LayoutDuring normal operation, the power LED will glow blue when LinkStation is turned ON. The power LED goes out when LinkStation is turned OFF.Blinking Orange/Amber Power LED (information code) ...
  4. How can I configure the WebAccess feature?
    [Answer ID: 12885]
  5. What is UPnP?
    [Answer ID: 13134]
    Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a function to make devices on a network easy to connect with each other, which is defined by the Universal Plug and Play Forum. Functions:•Detection of devices on a network by UPnP....
  6. I do not know/forget my Login ID and Password for TeraStation.
    [Answer ID: 13593]
    Use the login ID and password that are configured to product.【Initial value at the default】User name: "admin"Password: "password"If a password is changed from the default setting, initialize the product to restore the default setting. You can log in with the default user name and a password again. View the following to confirm how to initialize....
  7. I forgot my user name and password. Now I can not log in the web admin interface.
    [Answer ID: 13594]
    Check the followings.Try to log in the web admin interface with the default user name and password.User name: adminPassword: passwordIf you can not log in, initialize the network configuration with a function button on the product. And then try to log in with the above user name and password....
  8. If the LinkStation doesn't boot after a hard drive is installed.
    [Answer ID: 13625]
    If you have installed a hard drive in the LinkStation but it doesn’t boot properly, remove the drive from the LinkStation and follow the procedure below to initialize the drive. 1.Shut down the Windows computer and connect the drive with a USB-SATA converter (sold separately)....
  9. How to Confirm the LinkStation's IP Address
    [Answer ID: 13647]
    Using NAS Navigator21.For a PC, double-click the icon. For Mac OS, click the icon in the Dock.NAS Navigator2 will start. 2.Click on the LinkStation's icon.The IP address is displayed in the right bottom corner of the status screen....
  10. No LinkStation is found in the network
    [Answer ID: 13648]
    Your computer is not connected to the same network with your LinkStation.Since NAS Navigator2 is not able to find the LinkStation, the LinkStation is on the different network from the computer....
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