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  1. Movie: How to setup up RAID on Buffalo Two-Drive LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14404]
  2. How can I fix a suden loss of internet connection ?
    [Answer ID: 14437]
     In case of sudden Internet connection loss, start by inspecting your wired connection to the network equipment.PROCEDURE 1 - Make sure Wired LAN and Power cables are securely connected....
  3. Do you have a list of Buffalo wireless routers that support WDS function ?
    [Answer ID: 14444]
     Porfessional Firmware (DD-WRT for Buffalo) supports WDS on all implemented models.User Friendly Firmware supports WDS on models listed belowWDS ready modelsWLAE-AG300N *1WHR-G300NWHR-HP-G300N...
  4. How to: Recover when encountered no internet access after Service Provider or ISP hardware change ?
    [Answer ID: 14446]
    Step 1- Recycle Power:     Remove Power :Turn off the Modem power switch or disconnect power line form AC outlet.Turn off Wireless LAN router by removing power line form AC outlet.Connect Modem and Wireless LAN router with LAN cable (Straight type, higher than Category 5) ....
  5. How to: Access Administrative web page of Wireless Access Point when router operating mode is switched from Router to Bridge Mode?
    [Answer ID: 14447]
     Once router operating mode is switched from Router to Bridge mode , administrator's web interface may be inaccessible due to device IP change. Buffalo provides an application IPSet utility to list routers in network and assist with Windows and MAC client PC IP settings and/or device IP change....
  6. How to : MAC OS client can write to hard disk (NAS) device mounted on router with professional Firmware.
    [Answer ID: 14455]
    To have write access from MAC, re-check file sharing settings. In System Preferences , click "Sharing"  and turn on "Windows Sharing" for 10.4 or in 10.5 “Share files and folders using SMB.”...
  7. How To: Connect wireless router to internet using CATV Cable Modem.
    [Answer ID: 14456]
     Some broadband modems and Cable TV modems initialize Internet connection by using MAC address of router or PC used initially to connect to ISP.Changing routers connected to modem in some cases may require erasing the inital MAC address saved on the CATV modem....
  8. How to : Setup a wired bridge between two Buffalo routers using Professional Firmware ?
    [Answer ID: 14460]
     The simplest way to setup a wired bridge connection between a  Primary router that is connected to Internet and a secondary router is to configure the secondary router as a "Bridge" ....
  9. How To: Connect Televisions that support wireless to Internet by bridging WLAE-AG300N to existing wireless router by push button method WPS (or AOSS).
    [Answer ID: 14468]
     WLAE-AG300N supoorts WPS (or AOSS) push button method.  By simple push button method using WPS or AOSS , WLAE can be used to setup a wireless bridge link between wireless TV  and an existing wireless router....
  10. How to : Manually setup WLI-H4-D1300 Wireless connection to any other wireless router .
    [Answer ID: 14478]
    WLI-H4-D1300 AirStation is an AC1300 / N450 4-Port Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Ethernet Bridge.Default IP address is User Name : adminDefault Password : passwordTo connect WLI-H4-D1300 to any other router, start by recording your existing router's wireless profile: SSID, Authentication Method , Encryption Method and Encryption Key....
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