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  1. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows Vista)
    [Answer ID: 12203]
    Check if  UPnP feature is working with the following procedure.Click [Start]-[Control Panel]-[View Network status and tasks].Click [View Full map].Right click on [Gateway], and then select [Properties] in the menu....
  2. How do I check Windows Firewall? (Windows XP)
    [Answer ID: 12206]
    In case that UPnP software does not work properly, please check the configuration of "Windows Firewall" with the following procedure.Click [Start]-[Control Panel]-[Network and Internet Connections]-[Network Connections]....
  3. How can I check if UPnP feature is working properly? (Windows XP)
    [Answer ID: 12207]
    Check if UPnP feature is working with the following procedure.Double click on [My Network] icon on desktop.Confirm that [Your Router's name] icon has been created, and then click [View Network Connections] under [Network Task]....
  4. How can I display Device Manager on Windows 7?
    [Answer ID: 12177]
    If the user account control screen appears while the steps are performed, click [Yes].Method 1. Display it from (My) Computer. Click [Start] - [Computer], then right-click [Manage]....
  5. Where is a serial number on network products?
    [Answer ID: 13835]
    This is instructions for identifying the serial number. The 14-digit / 6-digit number printed on the device's rear panel or bottom panel is the serial number.The serial number is the 14-digit / 6-digit number consisting only of numerals (S/N: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx / xxxxxx)....
  6. WBMR-HP-GN DSL connection issues
    [Answer ID: 14386]
    Region: EMEA onlyThe unit will not connect to the internet due to issues with service details.When filling the PPPoE / PPPoA Settings, leave the Service Name entry blank.This will allow the unit to connect, but will not cause any problems with any ISP as this is an additional setting. Also, please allow the unit a few minutes to connect, usually 1-5 minutes, but occasionally up to 10 minutes connection time is required....
  7. What is the differences between WBMR-HP-GN and WBMR-HP-GNV2?
    [Answer ID: 11746]
    WBMR-HP-GN and WBMR-HP-GNV2 will work differently in following points.WBMR-HP-GNSwitch for changing WPS or AOSS is equipped at back of the products.AOSS button will work differently by position of the switch....
  8. Cannot connect to the Internet (WAN side) in default setting step.
    [Answer ID: 11785]
    If the AirStation cannot connect to the Internet (WAN side), please confirm following point.Resolution:Leave the "Service Name" blank when filling the "PPPoE/PPPoA settings".Most cases, the "Service Name" doesn't need to be entered....
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