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  1. How to backup data in the PC by using Backup Utility.
    [Answer ID: 6104]
    Right-click on the () icon in the systray and select [Settings]. After installation, the screen shown in Step 2 is displayed. Go to Step 2. Click [Next]. Enter a name for the backup, or just leave the default name in the window....
  2. How can I restore data backed up using “Backup Utility” after recovering the OS?
    [Answer ID: 12258]
    You do not have access authority if the OS was recovered, or the data was backed up in another computer.In that case, “Unlock” the data to access it.Right-click on the () icon in the task tray, and select [Run Restore Tool]....
  3. How can I back up data using Backup Utility?
    [Answer ID: 11858]
    Right-Click the icon () in the system tray, and select [Settings].Click [Next].Enter a name for the backup, and click [Next].* The default name for the backup will be displayed as “Backup of (name of your computer).”...
  4. Forgotten password on MiniStation Pro
    [Answer ID: 14379]
    This unit doesn't use software encryption like Buffalo SecureLockWare, it is based on hardware encryption, which doesn't allow the password to be removed!Is there any way of resetting the password if it gets lost? ...
  5. How To: Upload files from iPad and IPhone with MiniStation application to MiniStation Air Device.
    [Answer ID: 14765]
      Picture files and video files in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are uploaded from (and downloaded to) [Albums] only.To access [Albums], tap [Photos] and select [Albums] for list of available albums....
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