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  1. How To: Host a web site (with php and MySQL support) on the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14725]
    TeraStation  can be setup as a web server to publish web contents.The WEB hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support.The following is the procedure on how to enable WEB server and MySQL feature  on the TeraStation....
  2. How to: Setup secure page with simple login using PHP and MySQL hosted on TeraStation Web Server
    [Answer ID: 14735]
    For information on how to enable WEB hosting on TeraStation see this link.The following instructions is provided as an example on how to implement a PHP/MySQL authentication/login.Specifically  :...
  3. TeraStation - USB Hard Drive Not Detected
    [Answer ID: 14109]
    Formatted drives are detected automatically. Unformatted drives should be formatted in Settings (EXT3 or XFS are recommend). Once connected they appear as shared folders on the TeraStation....
  4. How to : monitor TeraStations with monitoring software
    [Answer ID: 16305]
    The following software can make it possible to monitor TeraStations.- For more detailed information and questions on the software, please contact the software manufacturer.- To purchase the software, please contact the software manufacturer or reseller....
  5. Apple 2 GB file limit / 32 character limitation on the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14134]
    The limitation is not due to the format of the TeraStation (XFS).There is a limitation with the Appletalk protocol on the device that files can be no larger than 2 GB with a maximum file/folder name length of 32 characters....
  6. Access Restrictions
    [Answer ID: 14548]
    Four ways to set an access restriction to the TeraStationAn access restriction should be used depending on your environment. By registering users/groups on the TeraStation manually to enable an access restriction....
  7. About Access Restrictions
    [Answer ID: 14549]
    An access restriction sets the access permission such as file read/write restrictions in accordance with individual user IDs.Each PC must be logged in with an individual ID and password....
  8. Why does a user with "Write" permission become "Read-Only"?
    [Answer ID: 14550]
    The shared folder may be set as "read-only" by the group the relevant user belongs to.In case the access restriction for a user is "write permitted" but that for the group the user belongs to is "read-only", the restriction for a group overrides that for a user....
  9. Troubleshooting - Settings Session Expires Frequently
    [Answer ID: 14551]
    Cause 1. Session number limitation over the networkRestart the browser. Cause 2. Security softwareTemporarily disable your antivirus software and software firewall. After setup is complete, re-enable the software....
  10. How to Configure the FTP client software
    [Answer ID: 14564]
    To access the TeraStation via FTP, configure your FTP client software with the following settings:HostnameIP address of the TeraStationUsernameThe TeraStation’s usernamePasswordThe TeraStation’s password...
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