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  1. An email indicating "DISK error notice" was received.
    [Answer ID: 14572]
    Email notification  sends the following, as an example.DISK error notificationHDD error has been encountered.error location: disk 2READ sector:956062896 count:6Disk Read error was detected. RAID drive error will be automatically recovered....
  2. What subnet mask value should be used for TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14596]
    The subnet mask value to be set to a TeraStation depends on that of an IP address of a PC.Calculate the value to be set to the TeraStation by referring to the following examples, following a check of the IP address and its subnet mask value set to the PC....
  3. The TeraStation does not boot and the LCD shows the error "E04".
    [Answer ID: 14574]
    The TeraStation firmware is corrupted. Contact Buffalo technical support for assistance.The following procedure might bring the product into a bootable condition.As a repeated reboot may cause other failures,...
  4. The UPS synchronization cannot be configured in the TeraStation's settings
    [Answer ID: 14559]
    To setup a UPS synchronization in the TeraStation's settings, the UPS is to be detected.Follow the procedure below to make the UPS be detected. Plug the power cable of the UPS to a wall socket.....
  5. An Error May Occur When You Back up the LinkStation or TeraStation in Express Wizard Screen of NovaBACKUP with Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 15196]
    To back up your LinkStation and TeraStation with NovaBACKUP from Windows XP, select "Backup" on the top of the main menu.
  6. I can not access TeraStation; "EM" is included in the product name (hostname).
    [Answer ID: 11636]
    When the "Product name-EMxxx (xxx will be the last 3 digits of MAC address)" is dispalyed on the LCD pannel or on NAS Navigator2, the TeraStation is in the EM (Emergency Mode) because of the damage in the firmware....
  7. How to: Setup and enable FTP server on LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14673]
    1.Start (NAS Navigator2 to launch) a web browser and Log in to management Web UI. 2.Navigate to [Network] - [Settings]. And enable FTP service. 3.Create a User account for Shared (FTP) folder access....
  8. How to Check the Replication Activation?
    [Answer ID: 14521]
    When an error occurred in the replication, the error message "E26 ReplicateFailure" is displayed on the LCD panel. In Settings, navigate to Backup - Replication and choose “Resync” to execute resynchronization. If the error is displayed again, contact Buffalo technical support for assistance....
  9. Supported TeraStations for Replication Source and Target
    [Answer ID: 14539]
    For Replication SourceFor Replication Target WS-6VL/R5 WS-QVL/R5 WS-WVL/R1 WS-RVL/R5 TS-2RZH TS-2RZS TS-8VHL/R6 TS-6VHL/R6 TS-QVHL/R6 TS-WVHL/R1 TS-RVHL/R6 TS-XL/R5 TS-XEL/R5* TS-RXL/R5...
  10. What does the error message "I52 unknown error" indicate?
    [Answer ID: 14573]
    Update the NAS Navigator2 to the latest version, available from www.buffalotech.com.For the TeraStation with the firmware version 1.51 and later, due to the additional online update function and error codes, when the TeraStation detects an online update, the following error massage will be displayed, depending on the version of NAS Navigator2....
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