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  1. When connecting via SMB, I can not access the shared folders with access restriction by the Delegate Authority server feature. (OS X v10.7 Lion)
    [Answer ID: 13540]
    This is the restriction of LinkStation or TeraStation. (As of August 2011)What is the Delegate Authority server feature?This is the feature to configure the access restriction by using Delegate Authority of the authentication to an external SMB server....
  2. Are there any restrictions when administrating in Active Directory?
    [Answer ID: 12555]
    There are restrictions when the TeraStations work together with Active Directory.The restrictions are as follows: TeraStation is NOT supported in a multi-domain environment, but supported in a single-domain environment....
  3. TeraStation - Supported RAID Arrays
    [Answer ID: 14992]
    TeraStation supports many types of RAID. The type of RAID arrays available for use depends on how many drives are installed in your TeraStation. : RAID mode by defaultTeraStationRAID Mode...
  4. Which NAS can be used as a replication source or target?
    [Answer ID: 9788]
    The following table shows which NAS can be used as a replication source / target.NAS that can be used as a replication sourceNAS that can be used as a replication target WS-6VL/R5 series...
  5. I cannot install "Microsoft Remote Desktop" for Mac.
    [Answer ID: 16178]
    Supported OS for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" is macOS 10.9 or later.Users of Mac computers running OS X 10.8 or earlier need to use "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2."...
  6. What kind of file format is accepted for USB hard drives?
    [Answer ID: 14555]
    The following kinds of format are recognizable: EXT3, XFS, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+NTFS and HFS+ are regarded as read-only and not for back-up.Features of each format are as follows. format...
  7. Does quota apply for Users/Groups adding on Active Directory? (TeraStation)
    [Answer ID: 13940]
    No. Quota is not applicable for the Users / Groups which get from Active Directory.Quota configured on Active Directory cannot take over to the TeraStation. If you want to configure quota on the TeraStation, you should add Local Users / Groups manually from Settings....
  8. How to Update the TeraStation's Firmware
    [Answer ID: 12040]
    This FAQ describes how to update the firmware on the product. By updating the firmware, new functions are added or problems are fixed or mitigated. It is unable to access the product while the firmware is updated....
  9. What are the types of backup jobs?
    [Answer ID: 12021]
    The following types of backup jobs may be selected: TypeFiles includedNormal BackupAll files in the source will be backed up to the destination.Overwrite Backup (Append Backup)The first time the backup job runs like a normal backup. In subsequent backups, files added to the source as well as files deleted from the source are kept in the backup folder....
  10. TrashBox explained
    [Answer ID: 14207]
    The trashbox directory is your recycling bin. When you delete a file off the TeraStation is gets moved to the trashbox. 1.If you want to empty the Recycle Bin (ie the trashbox folder), all you need to do is delete the trashbin folder....
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