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  1. How to Use JBOD
    [Answer ID: 14232]
    With JBOD, each hard drive in the TeraStation is addressed separately. Follow this procedure to put drives from an array into JBOD mode. 1.In the TeraStation's settings, navigate to [Disk Management] - [RAID Configuration] - [RAID Array 1] and you can delete the RAID array....
  2. I cannot start the TeraStation and "E04" is displayed on the LCD panel.
    [Answer ID: 9752]
    The firmware may be corrupted.Wait about 5 minutes after "E04" is displayed, and then turn on the power again.You may need to repeat this operation 4 to 5 times to start the TeraStation....
  3. Movie: How to Rebuild a RAID 5 Array
    [Answer ID: 14965]
  4. Why does transfer speed slow down by enabling replication?
    [Answer ID: 9833]
    When replication is configured, updated data is transferred to replication targets after writing (Create/Update/Delete) at the replication source, therefore, transfer speed gets slower due to high load on products comparing to the condition without setting replication....
  5. Movie: Configuring the Buffalo WebAccess for Buffalo NAS devices
    [Answer ID: 15035]
  6. The hard drive, which was connected to the TeraStation, cannot be recognized on the computer.
    [Answer ID: 12264]
    In the issue, you had selected the format type that cannot be recognized by the computer when the hard drive was connected to the TeraStation.If you had formatted the hard drives by the following format type, the issue will happen....
  7. What does the message on the LCD display indicate?
    [Answer ID: 11865]
    You can switch the display by pressing the Display switch button on the front of the TeraStation.You can configure the displayed items in [System] - [Maintenance] - [Front Panel Settings] on the Web Admin interface....
  8. What function is the UPnP?
    [Answer ID: 12042]
    The UPnP is an acronym standing for “Universal Plug and Play.””Universal Plug and Play” is a function to make devices on a network easy to connect with each other, which is defined by the Universal Plug and Play Forum....
  9. I recieved the error code "I52: Unknown Error occurred".
    [Answer ID: 13592]
    Update NAS Navigator2 to the latest version if you receive the error message as below. The firmware with version 1.51 or later updates Online update function and error/information codes. The following error message may be displayed when the TeraStation detects online update if your NAS Navigator2 is not the latest version ....
  10. How can I change the IP address of TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 9763]
    Change IP address by one of the below methods.Method1. Change by NasNavigator2.Launch NAS Navigator2.WindowsNavigate to [Start]-[Program]-[Buffalo]-[NAS Navigator2] or double-click the [NAS Navigator2] icon on your Desktop....
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