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  1. There is no access through Internet.
    [Answer ID: 14545]
    The following may be a cause of no access from "buffalonas.com" to the TeraStation with the Web access function enabled.Cause 1.There exist more than two routers between the modem/terminal (ONU/CTU) and the TeraStation, which may result in a UPnP setup failure with the closest router to the modem/terminal (ONU/CTU)....
  2. The UPS synchronization has been configured but does not function.
    [Answer ID: 14556]
    In case a UPS synchronization function operates improperly, the connection or the set-up may be incorrect.Check the following items. Initialize the set-up for the UPS.Confirm the initial set-up by referring to user's manual issued by each UPS manufacturer....
  3. Can I set any username I like to register in the TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 12022]
    A username/password you register in the TeraStation as a local user should be the same typed to login to the Windows.Otherwise, you may not able to access shared folders to which access is limited properly....
  4. Can I download the GPL/LGPL open-source code for BUFFALO products?
    [Answer ID: 12025]
    Yes.You can download the open-source code for BUFFALO products that use GPL/LGPL code.Please click here to download it.
  5. TeraStation - Can I replace a hard drive with higher capacity of drive?
    [Answer ID: 14986]
    Yes, if a hard drive in the TeraStation malfunctions, replace it with a Buffalo Technology OP-HD series, available from www.buffalotech.com. When you have RAID arrays in the TeraStation, all hard drives in the RAID should be changed to the same capacity....
  6. Movie: TeraStation 5000 - Using the BitTorrent Application
    [Answer ID: 15037]
  7. What are the restrictions on failover?
    [Answer ID: 12803]
    Features that cannot be used simultaneously Access Restrictions on ActiveDirectory/NT Domain Power on/off with Sleep Timer Replication MySQL Port Trunking Volume Encryption *1 LVM *1...
  8. How to Update the Firmware
    [Answer ID: 14543]
    If a new firmware is available, a message is displayed when the TeraStation boots. You can update the firmware by either of the following ways: To update from Settings:1.In Settings, click [Management]....
  9. How to Use Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 14570]
    Follow this procedure. In Settings, select [Network], then click    to the right of "Workgroup/Domain".  Click [Edit]. Select "Active Directory", then click [Next]. Click [Yes]. In the domain set-up of Active Directory, enter the items as described below, then click [OK]....
  10. Are there any technical restriction for characters?
    [Answer ID: 5671]
    Windows does not support some characters that Mac OS and the TeraStation allow. So, if you create a filename on a Mac with any of the following characters, it will not display correctly on a Windows computer. With Mac OS X 10.2 or later, you may have to connect to the TeraStation via AFP in order to display or copy any of the following characters:...
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