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  1. Memeo
    [Answer ID: 14131]
    Memeo provides a copy of Memeo Backup software to distribute to Buffalo product users.Technical Support can assist customers installing the software, but any support issues related to its operation should be addressed directly to Memeo....
  2. How do I update the firmware when the product does not work properly? (Firmware is a program that helps the product to function.)
    [Answer ID: 10924]
    Updating firmware does not affect or erase date. However we recommend you to back up the date beforehand just in case. You cannot access the product while updating firmware (It will take 15min. approximately.)...
  3. What is UPnP?
    [Answer ID: 13134]
    Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a function to make devices on a network easy to connect with each other, which is defined by the Universal Plug and Play Forum. Functions:•Detection of devices on a network by UPnP....
  4. What is the maximum number of PCs that I can connect to LinkStation at once?
    [Answer ID: 12554]
    We do not set actual limit numbers of PCs to connect to LinkStation simultaneously, but we recommend setting up to 8 PCs to connect at once.If 9 PCs or more are connected at once, it may reduce performance of LinkStation including hanging-up....
  5. The hard drive, which was connected to the LinkStation, cannot be recognized on the computer.
    [Answer ID: 14053]
    In the issue, you had selected the format type that cannot be recognized by the computer when the hard drive was connected to the LinkStation.If you had formatted the hard drives by the following format type, the issue will happen....
  6. What is the full path to FTP directory in the LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14674]
    The default path at login to FTP console starts at root directory. The path to target FTP directory is: LinkStation: /disk_volume/shared_folder_name/TeraStation: /mnt/disk_volume/shared_folder_name...
  7. I can not access LinkStation; "EM" is included in the product name (host name).
    [Answer ID: 10330]
    Cause: It is in the EM mode (emergency mode) because of the damage in the firmware.Countermeasure: Update the firmware. Call our support center if the situation isn't improved by updating the firmware, and still in EM mode....
  8. When you update the firmware, the message "Updating Firmware" is displayed, but the firmware update never finish.
    [Answer ID: 15200]
    The online update server may be not responding.If the message persists for more than 10 minutes, turn off the LinkStation or TeraStation. Reboot the LinkStation or TeraStation, wait for a while, and update the firmware again....
  9. How to: Activate License for Additional Surveillance Camera on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14683]
    TeraStation is shipped with a free license to support surveillance feature for a single camera. To add support for more cameras, additional license is required. How to Setup Surveillance Camera...
  10. How to: Setup Surveillance Camera Recording on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14682]
    TeraStation can be setup to record Video/media stream from any Network Camera that has built-in support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).Like HTTP, the RTSP protocol is TCP connection base and when TeraStation Surveillance feature is enabled, TeraStation will connect to camera through the RTSP/transport layer (default port is 554) to save the video stream from RTSP enabled network camera....
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