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  1. The hard drive, which was connected to the LinkStation, cannot be recognized on the computer.
    [Answer ID: 14053]
    In the issue, you had selected the format type that cannot be recognized by the computer when the hard drive was connected to the LinkStation.If you had formatted the hard drives by the following format type, the issue will happen....
  2. When you update the firmware, the message "Updating Firmware" is displayed, but the firmware update never finish.
    [Answer ID: 15200]
    The online update server may be not responding.If the message persists for more than 10 minutes, turn off the LinkStation or TeraStation. Reboot the LinkStation or TeraStation, wait for a while, and update the firmware again....
  3. Changing the LinkStation's Language
    [Answer ID: 14274]
    Follow this procedure to change the LinkStation's language. 1.For a PC, double-click the icon on the desktop. For Mac OS, click the icon in the Dock.NAS Navigator2 will start. 2.For a PC, right-click on the icon, then select [Settings]. For Mac OS, select the icon while holding down the control key, then select [Settings]....
  4. LinkStation GUI sees "device" when DriveStation is attached, but not in format menu
    [Answer ID: 14285]
    LinkStation Web UI sees "Buffalo storage device" when DriveStation is attached, but in format menu, the only one listed is the internal disk.This is caused by auto/manual switch on the DriveStation or LinkStation firmware is not latest version....
  5. Receiving username / password prompt on an open share
    [Answer ID: 14288]
    If you get prompted screenbox for username and password on an open share or cannot log in with the usernames on the device, Windows is trying to log on using local users on the computer....
  6. Buffalo NAS Firmware: Updater program cannot find LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14290]
    If updater program cannot find the LinkStation, the model number of the updater is wrong or the LinkStation is not under the same subnet mask. If the updater software is unable to find the unit, there could be a few causes:...
  7. Active Directory domain limitation, more than 1000 domain users, use Delegate Authority option
    [Answer ID: 14264]
    The unit has a limitation that it can download up to 1000 domain users/groups.If you want to use domain user accounts, you will need to use the Delegate Authority to an external SMB Server option....
  8. How to: Setup Surveillance Camera Recording on TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14682]
    TeraStation can be setup to record Video/media stream from any Network Camera that has built-in support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).Like HTTP, the RTSP protocol is TCP connection base and when TeraStation Surveillance feature is enabled, TeraStation will connect to camera through the RTSP/transport layer (default port is 554) to save the video stream from RTSP enabled network camera....
  9. Logging in to restricted shares on the LinkStation using Windows XP
    [Answer ID: 14147]
    1.Disconnect the mapped drives and reboot the computer to clear any cached username/passwords. 2.Navigate to [Start] - [Run] – “LinkStation”, replacing "LinkStation" with the Network Name or IP address of the LinkStation. This will display a list of the shares on the unit....
  10. Active Directory - Invalid Characters for Password
    [Answer ID: 15205]
    When joining Active Directory with the LinkStation or TeraStation, the set of valid characters for password is limited to characters in ASCII table (alphanumeric) characters except for the following characters as well as blank (white) space:...
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