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  1. The LinkStation automatically shuts down regularly
    [Answer ID: 12261]
    One of the possible reasons to happen the LinkStation automatically shuts down, the "Auto Power Mode" or "Sleep Timer" is in operation. Check the settings of Auto Power Mode The power switch or the Auto Power Mode is set to "AUTO" mode, the product will be turned off with all the PC installed NAS Navigator2 is not activated on the network....
  2. How do I change the RAID mode to normal mode on my hard drive?
    [Answer ID: 10947]
    Several RAID modes are available for LinkStation models with multiple hard drives.LinkStation with only one hard drive do not support RAID modes.By default, RAID mode is set to RAID 0....
  3. How to: Setup and enable FTP server on LinkStation or TeraStation?
    [Answer ID: 14673]
    1.Start (NAS Navigator2 to launch) a web browser and Log in to management Web UI. 2.Navigate to [Network] - [Settings]. And enable FTP service. 3.Create a User account for Shared (FTP) folder access....
  4. How many users will be NovaBACKUP license included LinkStation or TeraStation be valid for?
    [Answer ID: 14969]
    LinkStation LinkStation models are bundled with 5 client licenses of NovaBACKUP Professional. TeraStationTeraStation models are bundled with 10 client licenses of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials....
  5. I cannot access to the LinkStation; the message, "the network path was not found" appears.
    [Answer ID: 12267]
    Cause 1: The LinkStation may not be connected to the network.Solution 1: Do not connect the PC to the network immediately right after starting the PC, wait for a while to connect it....
  6. Active Directory - Invalid Characters for Password
    [Answer ID: 15205]
    When joining Active Directory with the LinkStation or TeraStation, the set of valid characters for password is limited to characters in ASCII table (alphanumeric) characters except for the following characters as well as blank (white) space:...
  7. Can LinStation handle File and folder names in Korean and Chinese character set?
    [Answer ID: 14658]
    Yes, LinkStation can display Chinese and Korean characters for file name and folders.Since LinkStation implementation has a built-in support for UTF-8 character code, it can display Chinese and Korean characters for file name and folders....
  8. How can I automatically upload pictures and videos on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the LinkStation or TeraStation with WebAccess i?
    [Answer ID: 14967]
    Enabling automatic uploading will upload pictures and videos to your LinkStation or TeraStation automatically whenever your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to your Wi-Fi network (*)....
  9. The initial settings from LinkNavigator have failed.
    [Answer ID: 15809]
    The initial settings from LinkNavigator may fail if there is no DHCP server in the network. Set again, and if the message "The settings have already completed." is displayed, the settings have been successfully completed....
  10. Which format types can be used for external USB hard drives connected to the LinkStation?
    [Answer ID: 10348]
    Format TypeWrite *1Read *1DescriptionsEXT3(USB hard drive only)YesYesThis format is recommended when you connect a hard drive to another product. *2 Both Read/Write are supported. Supports Journaling File System....
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