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  1. Windows Vista and Print Server Setting for LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14224]
    Go to Control Panel. Choose printer.Then choose "Add Printer".Choose "Add" a local printer.Click on [Create a new port].The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that. Click Next....
  2. LinkStation Print Server printer not listed
    [Answer ID: 14200]
    If the printer type is not on the drop down list, then select Postscript printer. If the printer still will not work, then it probably does not support Postscript printing.This is especially true of multifunction and photo printers....
  3. LinkStation - Remote FTP
    [Answer ID: 14185]
    In order to use ftp from a remote location, users will need to forward ports 20 and 21 to the internal IP address of the Linkstation from the users router. Also, the Linkstation needs to have the correct Default Gateway information....
  4. Movie: How to setup up RAID on Buffalo Two-Drive LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14404]
  5. Windows Vista connecting to the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14231]
    1.Run the Local Security Policy app - secpol.msc. 2.Go to [Local Policies] - [Security Options] and choose the "Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level" item. 3.Set it to "Send LM & NLTM", use "NTMLv2" session if negotiated....
  6. Firmware updater program cannot find the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14205]
    First, check the LinkStation's firmware version•If it is a version starting with number 1, then you will need to install a firmware version starting with 1. •If it is a version starting with number 2, then you will need to install a firmware version starting with 2....
  7. Buffalo NAS device cannot be seen on campus network after being configured.
    [Answer ID: 14183]
    This may be caused by routing issue.Please try following steps:Press and hold the RED INIT(reset) button for about 15 seconds.This will set the unit to factory defaults. If something was put into the network settings, this will clear it....
  8. Why access restriction do not work on my shared folder?
    [Answer ID: 14639]
    The security access restrictions on the shared folders of the NAS is enabled, however, the shared folder can be accessed without any password from WebAccess. If Media Server (DLNA Server) is enabled, the supported Multi-Media files in the folder ("Public Folder") are made public....
  9. How to: Restrict users' ability to delete files on LinkStation from WebAcess?
    [Answer ID: 14642]
    Using the web interface for my LinkStation, how do I restrict users' ability to delete files which are made accessible to WebAccess users?Shared Folder "Attribute" settings are global setting regardless of User read & write permission settings. To prevent all users from deleting files in the folder , set the shared folder Attribute to read only. This will ensure no user is able to delete any file in the shared directory....
  10. Why restricted shared folders are not shown in WebAccess A Android application?
    [Answer ID: 14643]
    If shared folders are restricted and the default user account (user name and password setting ) are stored in application,the application will use the default account which does not have the permission to access shared folders....
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