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  1. What is CloudStation?
    [Answer ID: 13664]
    CloudStation goes beyond network hard drives and simple storage.Each CloudStation is a personal storage solution designed with you in mind.It is your portal to freely access and share photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere through the cloud....
  2. What is Pogoplug®?
    [Answer ID: 13665]
    Our CloudStation is implemented the technology named "Pogoplug®".It makes you to access your CloudStation outside from your home network via the internet. This simple process allows users to access files from anywhere, at any time, while eliminating the hassle of configuring a router....
  3. How do I add a new folder on the remote Web interface?
    [Answer ID: 13675]
    Go to the remote Web interface. Click here to show the login page.Select the CloudStation and a shared folder in which creates a new folder.Click [Create new folder], a new folder will be created in the folder....
  4. How can I replace a hard drive and rebuild a RAID array in the LinkStation? (LS-WVL, LS-WXL)
    [Answer ID: 13688]
    Follow the steps below to replace a failed hard drive.If a drive in your LinkStation fails, identify the failed drive from Settings(*) by navigating to [System] – [Storage]. Replace it with a Buffalo Technology OP-HD series drive of the same capacity, available from www.buffalotech.com....
  5. What are the differences between the remote access on the CloudStation and LinkStation WebAccess feature?
    [Answer ID: 13796]
    Remote AccessLinkStation WebAccess featureCloudStation Remote Access featureIn order to access files stored in the LinkStation using WebAccess, the routers should be opened a specific port and has to acquire a Public IP address. Configuration of Port Forwarding is a complicated process in which errors commonly occur....
  6. How do I know if the external USB drive is recognized by the CloudStation?
    [Answer ID: 13824]
    You can check if the external USB drive is recognized by the following three methods. Check on the local Web interfaceCheck on the remote Web interfaceCheck on (My) Computer* * This is when your CloudStation is allocated as Pogoplug local drive....
  7. How do I access the files in the CloudStation from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?
    [Answer ID: 13826]
    Install Pogoplug mobile application from App Store. Tap [Pogoplug]. Enter your registered email address and password, then tap [Sign in]. Tap [Files]. You will see the list of the CloudStation which is related to your account....
  8. How do I configure the video transcoding function?
    [Answer ID: 13829]
    When you access your CloudStation remotely, some video files may not be played due to the file format.It is necessary to optimize (transcoding) the files before it is played via the cloud server....
  9. How do I access the CloudStation from an Android device?
    [Answer ID: 13832]
    Open the Play Store (Google Play) on your Android device and install "Pogoplug". Tap the Pogoplug icon on your Android device. Enter the email address and the password you registered in setting up the CloudStation, then tap [Sign in]....
  10. How do I download the files stored in the CloudStation by using Android devices?
    [Answer ID: 13833]
    Display the files you want to download through Pogoplug mobile application.Click here to learn how to display folder contents in the application.Press and hold a file you wish to download for a few seconds....
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